To dealers
  • The ability to buy everything at once in one place.
  • We provide our partners with products protected by patent documents.
  • Daily updated information about the state of the warehouse.
  • Branded labeling of all products for the automation of warehouse accounting.
  • Favorable financial and credit conditions of the dealer contract.
  • Financial support for regional marketing programs.
  • Recommendations and advice on the organization of "retail sales". The solution of specialized trade equipment, the formation of planograms, compilation of the range and determination of prices on the shelf. Training sales staff.

Dealer is a partner with its own sales network, the experience of successful dynamically growing cooperation for at least a year, constantly fulfilling the volume of purchases at the established level. As a rule, these are trade organizations. A dealer may be a partner of other suppliers at the same time, but the Company tends not to have any intersections with competing brands on the dealer stalls. Distributor - the dealer, leading the policy of active sales, mainly in retail trade. A distinctive feature of the distributor status is a mono-brand, that is, a commitment to the Company to promote only the products of ELKOR in our product range. The distributor imposes strict obligations on the quality coverage of the territory assigned to him, indicating the number of outlets, meeting the established sales volumes, product representation, regular reporting and other requirements that correspond to the closest and interdependent cooperation.

Dealer requirements:

  • availability of the “ELKOR” product warehouse with the minimum required reserves to support its own dealer network;
  • the presence of staff specializing in the promotion of corporate products of the Company;
  • availability of exhibition space for the presentation of the Company's corporate products and a properly presented assortment on the shop windows.
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