Wiring materials

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Electrical installation products are a group of electrical devices that is designed for fixed installation (installation) at specific installation locations in AC / DC networks. The group includes various sockets (network, telephone, computer), switches, thermostats, etc.

Modern electrical products must meet certain requirements: ease of installation, ease of use, reliability, safety and, of course, an attractive appearance. It must be remembered that the reliability of the internal electrical networks of a house or apartment depends not only on the proper performance of electrical work, but also on the quality of the wiring products used. Proper selection of electrical products and household appliances connected to them according to the rated current value (permissible load) and the installation site is the main condition for their safe operation. For example, for a socket intended for a current of 6A, the maximum permissible load will be 1.3 kW, for a socket on a current of 10A - 2.2 kW, for a socket of a current of 16A - 3.5 kW. The specified values ​​are subject to the conformity of the supply wire cross-sections. Ordinary household sockets have a nominal current value of 10A or 16A, and switches - 10A. To select and purchase electrical installation devices, it is necessary to study their main types, principles and permissible operating modes, as well as to determine the degree of reliability of the selected structures. In addition, the choice of instruments must take into account their operating conditions. For example, for rooms with high humidity (bathrooms), electrical installation products are used in a moisture-proof design.

Some products intended for outdoor installation in the garden or on the facade of a building are designed in such a way that they cannot be disassembled with ordinary tools.

By way of installation, electrical products can be internal and external. For each product there are one or more mounting options. Fastening methods depend on the purpose of the device, the place of its installation, the design of the case, the operating conditions, etc.

Internal devices are used for hidden wiring. They do not have their own protective housing, and their open conductive elements are located in the niches of the walls inside the mounting box. They can be fastened to the mounting box with the help of sliding legs-struts or fixed with self-tapping screws (the latter method is more reliable).

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