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Lamps is an artificial source of light, a device that redistributes the world of a light bulb (lamp) inside large solid angles and provides angular concentration of the light flux. The main purpose of the luminaries is to disperse and direct the light to illuminate buildings, their interiors adjacent to the buildings of the territories, streets, etc. Lamps can also perform a decorative and alarm function.

Lighting classification:

  •     By light functions.
  •     By operating conditions
  •     By the nature of light distribution
  •     By type of lamps.
  •     According to the shape of the photometric body.
  •     According to the degree of protection.

Classification by methods of attachment or installation.

Classification by lamp power, etc.

Also included are spotlights.

A searchlight is a light device that distributes the light of a lamp inside small solid angles and provides the angular concentration of the light flux. The focus of the luminous flux of the lamp is concentrated in a limited spatial angle with the help of a mirror or a mirror-lens of the optical system.

Spotlights designed to illuminate open spaces require mandatory protection from dust and moisture.

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